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Day 95: Just let me show you


This attribute of yours seems to best depict yesterday: Just let me show you what I can do. It’ll surprise us both. It’ll surprise us both. Indeed, this was your Celebration of Life at the SPM program. Your classmates organized it from the beginning to the end. And what a celebration it was. Everything KT from flag football to Mexican food. And lots of it. You would have cleaned the plate and the table.

What is so amazing is that every one of your classmates has this attribute. Ready to do something amazing. Preparing and believing in others and most importantly, themselves. Bright and on the go. Aware. Capable of anything while uncertain. Positive. Much like Free Solo: Doubt perhaps, but only quietly so with respect and regret only in not trying. Your classmates came out in full force.

Everyone was wearing a KT shirt and the game began with a long line of hugs from everyone. So heartfelt. Then the game was on: Flag football with 3 Mississippi rules. Snap, no rush on the quarterback, a long pass to someone open, and a scramble for the end zone. Long haul passes much like you could do. You want 50 yards, no problem. Scrambles with head dives over the pylons, the ball reached forward and crossing the plane. Jukes like a rabbit with changes in directions on a dime. All of it: Just let me show you what I can do. It’ll surprise us both.

The gathering back at the Innovation Lab was light filled with tables of small gatherings. Team defined. Socially defined. A well cultured group that mingled feely. Your team presented a football with the KT logo on it. Truly memorable. Susan surprised us with an announcement: She was buying everyone a KT hat. Suddenly in a moment, everyone was wearing a KT hat and wearing a KT shirt. A sea of them. What a sight. Everywhere, your classmates under the KT lid and white shirts with your logo and attributes.

The quiet conversations with them were all about you. Remembrance of Mads. How’s she doing. The many ways with you always there for others. How much your smile lit up the room. Dan still places your name place on the seat next to him. The pictures were endless with groups of different combinations. All of them to be remembered as your classmates continue their journey. One day they will look back and remember your presence. Not let go. Continue their life with a memory of you.

This is the struggle: How to move on but not let you go. It has been tough, but one day soon, we will let the boat drift off, anchored to us, as we stay on shore with your life remembered. Your spirit alive in us. We love you so much and are still navigating these tough waters, but are pulling ourselves up with your positive spirit. Your ability to look at the possibilities. Dream of a future with accomplishments earned. Well deserved. Just let me show you what I can do. It’ll surprise us both.

You’ll be there.


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