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Day 93: Why not just smile?


I received the following email from your good buddy and fellow team mate, Hunter. I can't say it any better.

We love you.



“Why not just smile? It’s the best part of the day.”


Can you believe it? Week 8 of the fall term is wrapping up. In just three short weeks 5FORE will be in presenting our work to the SPM program, yet again. I can’t help but reminisce on how I felt this time last year; anxious and worried that the program and audience wouldn’t buy into our golf headwear concept and the 5FORE brand. Yet, you never wavered. Eternally optimistic, and always reassuring me that we had something “special.” Were it not for your unwavering confidence in 5FORE, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The ending of this week is so bittersweet. As I’m sure you know by now, our classmates are hosting a service in your honor this Friday. It’s a day of celebration filled with “Karsten-approved” activities: flag football, corn hole, kick ball, etc. Followed by a Mexican lunch buffet in the Innovation Lab. Your parents & Sev are going to be there, and we hope this day will help your family continue in their healing process. Your family is incredible, Karsten. It’s quite difficult to find a silver-lining in any of this, but I am grateful that I’ve gotten to know and spend time with your family in the last three months.

There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t thought about you. I occasionally catch myself looking for you in the building, expecting you to turn the corner shouting “Lee!” with that million-dollar smile on your face. The moments following those thoughts are by far the toughest.

Well, Friday is fast approaching and there are some last minute things that need to be finished between now and then. I know you’ll be smiling down on all of us, while dissecting and questioning our flag football play-calling. We’ll keep smiling for you, Karsten.

Love & Aloha,




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