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Day 92: Call your mom

KT Man,

everyday and tell her you love her.

I know of no other kid who did this. Even through adolescence when guys are curated to be tough and disciplined. Warriers. Like you tried to be in the picture with Brandon. Mean. Hardened. Buddy: It didn’t work. The picture is make believe. A snap shot for effect.

I can assure you she misses the best part of the day: A call from you. About nothing in particular. What’s up. What’s gunna be up. How you are. Lunch. An event. An ordinary moment. Just to tell her you’re thinking of her.

I don’t do this enough but will begin: pick up the thread. Check in with her daily. Disrupt my day just to say hello. I’m thinking of you. Add Beanz to the list. What’s up. What’s gunna be up. How are you?

Buddy: It’s the small stuff that counts. I’ll pay better attention to it.

Dad Man

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