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Day 834: The Long Struggle of Beanz

On May 17, 2019 I first heard from Sev and LT that indeed, her earlier biopsy indicated stage 2 cancer. I was in Harrisburg PA and grabbing food from the best burger joint in town (reportedly). The silence was deafening. And this was only a few days after what would have been your 29th birthday. A long row to hoe was about to begin and the days about to pile into each other. The year of 2019 has continued into 2020 with challenges in life. These dates are only a sample that show a rhythm and intensity, with many more not on my calendar.

May 31 – A visit to Willamette Valley Cancer Institute

June 7 – A follow up visit Willamette Valley Cancer Institute

June 20 – The first day spent in the drip room with Sev being injected a poisonous cocktail to attack the cancer (and make her sick for weeks and eventually lose her hair)

July 11 – The 2nd day in the drip room at WVCI

August 1 – The 3rd day in the drip room at WVCI

August 22 – The 4th day in the drip room at WVCI

August 29 – A visit to the radiologist in WVCI

September 5 – A check up at WVCI

September 12 – The 5th day in the drip room at WVCI

October 3 – The 6th day in the drip room at WVCI

November 20 – A double mastectomy at Peace Health Hospital

January 20, 2020 – The beginning of five weeks of daily radiation

February 12, 13, 18, 27 – Visits to the WVCI

March, April, May 2020 – Every 3 weeks, a visit to the drip room for immunotherapy

Summer 2020 – Monitoring and follow up with blood work

Late October ­– Sev is told her cancer is gone!

Late November – Her main oncologist confirms Sev is free of cancer!

KT Man: You would have been her rock, helping her through this struggle. We know you were there for her though and we are blessed she is with us today. She defines our life and together we remember you.

This fall, we’ve placed the most beautiful bench in the woods where we once fancied a place to huddle under the cedar trees and smoke a cigar. When we dedicated it, your mom mentioned that it’s like you’ve come home now with this bench. We sit and watch the sun set, the seasons change, and life move on. So, we are blessed to have you in our lives.

Dad Man, LT, and Beanz

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