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Day 1825: An Ounce of Hope and a Ton of Remembrance

KT Man, Five years is a long time and then it isn't. So, the calendar is warped, and it’s been 1,825 days since yesterday. We have you in our hearts and presence with a modicum of hope and a whole bunch of remembrance. Sev continues to be your champion, much as she did when you all were growing up. She and committed friends organized the Fifth Annual KTLSC Golf Tournament: It was a smashing success. It’s all about you, and looking out over the crowd after the tournament, I know you would recognize everyone. The most important would be your buddies, a crew of good-looking youngers starting out their careers and moving forward with their own families. The crew also included our family and friends, youngers and olders, but all out to celebrate your presence. Your CA buddies are planning a BBQ to likewise honor your presence. If success is having a succession, then we aren’t there wherever there is. But we have successfully placed a bit of mirth and laughter into our life. Just enough of it to ward off the dark rabbit holes that scatter the vast plains of reflection of what was. And with memories of you, as then and now, we keep a small light bright in our hearts. Particularly today when the earth tilted on its axis.Yesterday.

We think of you every day and only know how others need to embrace life as it’s given. And that’s just how it is.

So today, in the spirit of you and your accepting soul, Sev, Mamalama, and I will swing some clubs on a golf course and toast a brew for you. I’m sure you wouldn’t label what we do on a golf course as legitimate golf. But you would be accepting.

JT, Mamalama, and Sev Beanz

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