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Day 2098: Remembering A Life Well Lived



It’s been over 2,000 days since your death: 2098 to be exact, though being vague is probably much better. You would have been 34 years old. 


Birthdays tend to be back focused and pointed at a time in the past: A Day or a Year. And yes, so much has happened this past year, much of it would have been important to you. A good buddy of yours just married, your aunt from the Midwest passed away, and we all became frailer. So, we march on remembering details, much to our disadvantage. In the spirit of your birthday, we want to remember what has not yet happened but will, which is much better suited to a positive look to the future. We stay connected to people important to you and us and we carry forward with new people in our lives who honor you. 


KTLSC now supports the Friends of South in contributions that foster your love of and commitment to football. Funding a wish list that you would love, equipment on the field and in the weight room, and eventually scholarships and camps. The coach and crew reflect your values of hard work, inspirational play, love of the game and that “Competition is not (just) about winning, it’s about being on your game”.


We continue to support scholarships in the Sports Product Management Program. Every year, incredible youngers receive funds to move forward in a career devoted to sports and athletics. They come from humble beginnings and are appreciative, with stories yet to unfold in a worldwide industry that captivates all of us in our past times. And this program continues to award an outstanding student in both the Portland and On-Line Program. In KT’s terms, leadership reflects a sense of commitment to others, quiet acceptance of differences, but supportive of the values that appear at the trail head of each person’s life. Leadership to KT is a positive force to move forward, be outwardly focused and inwardly driven, to make a statement: “Just let me show you what I can do. It’ll surprise us both.”…


Your teammate, Michael from the SPM Program, now sells hats and cool sport clothing. He offers a PIRATE TINDAL PERFORMANCE HAT that your team inspired: ( Pirate Worldwide – Designed in LA – KT Lives 54ever. This hat is all about you buddy: This year, the annual golf tournament will feature a hat designed by Michael.


So, Dogg Man, your life may have been brief, but it was remarkable. Far better to live to the fullest and leave a positive and lasting influence to remember than toil away at passing time and past times that are forgettable with little to remember.

MamaLama, SevBeanz, and DadMan

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