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Day 83: Shipping and receiving


The transition from your Celebration of Life at Whittier College (WC) to our life in Eugene went as expected. Flights: always a work out. The house: still full of pictures and reflections of your life with us everywhere. Time: Sunday preparing for Monday. The day: an expectation of life without death which has no meaning and only serves to question the meaning of life. So you can imagine the transition had edges. TomBob and I hiked Hendrick’s Butte, past Pre’s rock. Another fine young man pulled out of life too early. Much like you. Just hitting stride with unlimited potential.

The afternoon was spent fulfilling orders for your hat. A beautiful thought: People about walking under your lid. The shipping part is getting better. More automatic and we hope successful. As noted in the subject line, shipping is also about receiving. Sev received the following note from Sam, who will be receiving a hat in a couple of weeks: A double entendre for receiving.


I have no doubt I’m probably the only person needing one of these shipped to Ireland. I absolutely love the idea of this and it’s such a fitting testimony to the role model your brother was.

I always measured myself against KT in the sense that he embodied everything I wanted to be. Even at 28 years old I still strive to be as he was as I remember him last. Saying goodbye as I left WC for good, some 7 years ago. 2 teary eyed grown men promising to catch up beers in a distant future. I’d known him all of 10 months but it felt a lifetime. A man whose friendship I’ll treasure forever.

After moving to LA from Ireland, I was already well aware of who he was. I heard stories from Brandon about this great guy from back home and was eager to meet him. He was one of the first people I met. His smile warm and welcoming and gave a handshake like a hug.

Even to this day I find myself keeping an eye out for the Duck’s score online and find my mind wandering to the greatest times of my life; sitting around a big oak table in Washington 6011 with KT learning about life in the US, utterly engrossed in every word he spoke. I learned so much from him and I’m proud to say that he was one of my role models.

I hope your family takes unparalleled pride in who he was. A genuine gentleman whose absence is severely felt 5,000 mile east.”


So there you have it. Shipping and receiving. Sending out KT hats and receiving love of KT in return.


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