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Day 80: A tribute to Karsten Tindal – KT

KT Man,

We flew to Whittier today to celebrate a game in your honor. Your good buddies from the football team helped organize this. Sev wrote a tribute to you for one of them to read at the game against Redlands tomorrow. Let’s just say, the Poets could use a win.

From Sev….

“First and foremost we want to thank you Whittier College friends and family, for honoring Karsten. The outpour of support has been immeasurable. His legacy lives on through all of you.

He began his collegiate football career in 2008 as an offensive lineman. Although his position and jersey numbers changed throughout his 4 years at Whittier, he lived and breathed as a Poet. Offensive line to Defensive line, jersey’s 60, 90, 33, and 9. Season records mattered less, the team was the end goal. Karsten was always ready to play the game, no matter the position. Listen to the coach. Be in the game. Be a part of the team.

Karsten graduated with his bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Nutrition Science in 2012. A proud moment for KT. But better yet, Whittier College provided more than an education and an opportunity to play collegiate sports, it led him to his best friends and soulmate. He remained close with his college friends and was just beginning to hit stride and start a new life with his beloved Madison. His time at Whittier helped shape the amazing being we all knew and loved.

Six years after graduating from Whittier, we are all here to honor someone who lived life everyday with a smile on his face and laughter filled with light. He will live on through our lives. Through the footballers and friends, who were so important in his life and who he so respected that he stayed with them as life moved on. Through his soulmate, Madison, who will gain the strength to forge ahead with his smile. And through his family. His love for a good time. And his passion to make the day.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Go Poets.”

We love you buddy. You were special.

JT Man

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