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Day 1460: Seasons


Four years ago, summer became a burden though we are beginning to shake its grip, August 14 being the worst day of the season. Oregon summers are normally blessed, payback from the winter of drizzle and rain and showers and clouds, where moisture is measured by time, not by amount. Slowly, we are celebrating your life every day not just on the two dates marking your life, turning mourning into morning.

As in the past on this day, Sev Beanz, Mama Lama, and I plan to ruin a perfectly good game of golf, in your honor. Today’s game is to be quieter than the annual KT Golf Tournament, where you bring family and friends together to celebrate joy in life, particularly yours. To continue your legacy in all moments, both private with us and public with KTLSC (, where Sev Beanz and the Board place their collective care and brilliance into ensuring your presence even when you are not present. A rare expression that is not seasonal but ever present.

Today’s game lets us reflect on all the good you brought and to take a day off, so we can simply remember and understand that we are not alone. No one escapes life without disruption, tragedy, and loss. They are seasonal in their appearance, locked in by the tilt of earth that transfers to a tilt on life. But the network of our/your friends and family have minimized this seasonal tilt and allow us to embrace pictures of you in the house and on the net with a quiet recognition you were special and continue to be in our life.

Dad Man, Mama Lama, and Sev Beanz

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