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Day 11: KT’s cast of characters (a.k.a. family)


Please forward this email to folks in your program. I thought these brief bios could serve as introductions for when we meet tomorrow over coffee. As you might know, you’ll be the topic of the conversation, which you wouldn’t like. You were more of the ‘make things happen in a quiet way but don’t get in the way of having fun and if lemonade needs to be made from lemons fine we can do that too because we have lots of cool stuff to get done lessons to learn things to do and if something happens unexpected so what’ kind of guy. BTW: I wrote their bios from my perspective while I’m learning how to see the world through yours.

Linda (a.k.a. Lena): The matriarch of the family from whom KT inherited his kindness, his smile, his gentle way. She was 15 years old when she met her soulmate who was much older at 16 years old and has so gracefully weathered many days and nights with the family on the edge.

Sevrina (a.k.a. Beanz): A brilliant, kind, and perceptive woman who learned to read far too early at age 3 and has unusual talents in music and music therapy with children, which she may pick up again if you listen to her answering machine.

Madison (a.k.a. MadDogg): KT’s soulmate who he met at Whittier, finished her degree in Kinesiology, and followed him to Eugene to get her master’s degree in special education early intervention, and is now in the classroom helping others.

Aaron (a.k.a. Maestro): A soulmate of the family who specializes in being on the edge across the U.S., world, and various ports of call whether on a bicycle or by foot, who also is a brilliant computer programmer and master of the sciences.

Tom (a.k.a. TomBob): Another soul mate with the family who has logged in tens of thousands of miles running 10ks and marathons, sections of the PCT, and pedaling between Portland and DC. His ‘principaling’ career in education provides a high water mark of distinction.

Jerry (a.k.a. JT): See above. Besides, they now know me through my letters to you.

We love you Dogg Man. Your new SPM and Richardson families are full of cool people. We’re glad to join with them and only wish you were here.


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