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Day 31: Moving forward

Updated: Sep 18, 2018


We came back from the coast and are now trying to resolve our life and your death. The cruel twins of disbelief and despair around every corner. Lurking. Waiting to jump out and make their presence. They’re more present when going back to familiar places where we’ve been with you or events we’ve done with you. My hope is one day they will be in a more settled place. Less prominent. Not so loud.

On the drive back, I sat in the back seat and pulled up emails. I got the most amazing message from Jennie, who’s in New Zealand with a group of students from another program in the business college. I have to quote her:

“And lastly, yesterday I was fortunate to visit the headquarters of the World Cup Champion All Blacks Rugby Team. I’m not sure how much you know about rugby, but the All Blacks have been one of the best teams in the world for over 100 years. Their culture of sustained excellence is unmatched by any other sport organization in history. As such, while visiting with the administrator (general manager) of the team, he mentioned to us that the All Blacks look for two things in a rugby player. Humility first. And character second. And I’ll be darned if the first person that didn’t pop into my head was KT. And while I did feel a moment of sadness, it actually made me smile to know that for me, KT will come to mind in situations where people are describing extraordinary individuals and teams . He simply was, and still is, world class.”

Well KT: There you have it. She is spot on and it can’t be said in a more eloquent way. We will move forward with you in this spirit.

When we got to town, I met up with the Bob from the development office of the business school. We have officially begun the Karsten Tindal Memorial Scholarship with the Sports Product Management Program. We know that sometime soon, we’ll be seated with a student of kindred spirit as you, ready to begin the program, ready to catch the spirit of innovation and development in sports, ready to focus on athletes and athletics in ways unimaginable. They’ll reflect the five words on your patch and have your attributes.

The afternoon ended with some good friends to talk about next steps for me. We never did get to go out with Mike and thank him for connecting you with Dennis that was really the head waters for your involvement in the program. He bought you a beer. I drank it. Sorry bud, but you know how we both hated to not savor a good IPA.

So there: We’re moving forward. A ray of hope only because of who you were and what you stood for that brought so many others into our life.


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