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Day 94: Sports and life

KT Man,

Your love of sports was beautiful and defined you so well. I can’t remember where this love came from but it was always present, growing up and moving through school. The sports changed over the years but for you, sports and life are the same word spelled differently. The early years were balling: anything with a ball. Soccer. Baseball. Football. Golf. In the end, football dominated as you finished high school and went on to college. Which is when you picked up powerlifting. Best to be strong and a hulk so you could move people out of the way. Single handed. Hold people with one hand 2 inches off the floor.

I received an email from Merryn, who passed on her notes from working with you a year ago.

“Karsten (notes from Merryn in 2017)

Played football and studied kinesiology – understanding athlete body mechanics

Masters in educational leadership coached football at high school. Thought he wanted to be a coach / athletic director

Epic – admin work

Wants to work for large umbrella company that works with teams and athletes

Played collegiate football

Competitive Powerlifting

Avid golfer

Product focused in golf

Great energy, charisma, industry will love him

This is the story we wrote together for him:

Hi my name is Karsten Tindal. I’m from Eugene, Oregon. I’m an ex-college football player. I’m also a competitive powerlifter and avid golfer. I have an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Leadership. I have a real passion for product and for leading teams. I’ve actually coached high school football for 5 years. I’m currently getting my master’s degree in Sports Product Management at the University of Oregon and plan to work on the product side of team sports or golf.

My thoughts are with you both. Karsten continues to be an inspiration to so many. The new class has already heard many stories about what an incredible person he was.” Merryn

And so it goes buddy. It’s time to honor your love of sports by us going back to sports. Hiking, cycling, lifting, Juijitsu, boxing, moving. Breathing. Straining. Improving. I will hold you close in these work outs because that was your focus. That way we can all be with you.

We love buddy. You will be in every work out with us.

Dad Man

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