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Day 86: Aspirations


I’m traveling for work and plan to see my good buddy Mike today; he was so important in getting your application to the Sports Product Management program connected. A trip through the mountain pass and a chance to stop in and say hello. His famous phrase was always “How’s our special K”? Seeing him brings me to the beginning: your application to the program. The beginning of a career path. Your next life. Your big break from the shifting work of food carts and service. Your aspirations. So, I pulled the last two paragraphs from this document.

“Although my career aspirations once again changed, this trifecta of education, athletics, and design had resurfaced and I felt an immediate connection with the program. It would allow my previous schooling, training, and inventing, to work harmoniously together. I would be able to work in an athletically minded field, be creative, and learn the process of sports product development. Throughout my life, I have been captivated by the advancements in sports products and apparel. Working for NIKE has always been a dream of mine. After meeting with Dr. Howard, I knew that applying for the Sports Product Management program was essential in pursuing this dream.

Success can be defined in many different ways. Some define success in the form of a large pay check or fame and adoration. I define success as doing something for which I am passionate in and willing to work hard at: It is about achievement of a life dream. The Sports Product Management Program would thrust me towards my future career aspirations and help me to enact this dream. After the many career possibilities that have come before me in the past decade, I can now say that I believe I have found my target goal and am willing to pursue it by any means possible, to obtain my dream career.” Karsten.

You were in the game for all the right reasons. I love it and love you for it.


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