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Day 75: Reconcile and resolve


I spent the night roaming about in various rooms of the past. Mostly about you but others were present. I know I had softly promised to not write in the morning but today just happened upon me with the transition between night and day only about light, not routines of thinking. Two words came into the vestige over and over: reconcile and resolve. I’m not sure why so when I arose, I went to define them.

Reconcile: cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible. Another definition from another dictionary: to cause to submit to or accept something unpleasant. How can one word have such different meanings? I think it might be from The Professor and the Madman.

Resolve: settle or find a solution; decide firmly on a course of action. But like ‘attribute’, this verb is also a noun: a firm determination to do something.

So there you have it. Yesterday’s letter wasn’t a firm resolution to write later in the day to bring you along more gently but a suggestion. Kind of a preresolution.

We’ll hike in the desert with you, along a lake, a reservoir. Talk gently about moving ahead. Remembering you with a smile. See saguaros big as life and bigger than you even as you towered over your niece-nephew kids when you rough housed them, making them squeal. You knew how to be gentle with them.

Buddy: I’m working on reconcile and resolve. Bring the discord into harmony and promise to smile. As you would no doubt. We’ll see how the day goes.

We love you.


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