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Day 71: Tributes and exhibits


The days begin as all others: previously. Even though we’ve migrated to the desert for solace in the sun, it rained. Oregon weather in Arizona, just as the rains begin in Oregon. We hope an anomaly. Some of the day was spent repurchasing items stolen from the thieves. Putting the mechanics of life back on track. The day was also spent searching for you in our life. Uncertain.

We received an email from a dear friend, Brenda, with a meaningful tribute and pictures of the Burning Man exhibit at The Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC. The plaque for this exhibit states: “This Temple is a sacred place for memorial and reflection. Its intention is to bring healing to the world, and it was built by many hands, all who had lost something….Many places exist for celebration, but few places are created to honor the universal human experience of grieving and loss. This is such a place.”

In her email she wrote: “The Temple room invites people, as you will read, to leave a remembrance. The room was full of tens of thousands of messages on little rectangles of wood. I tucked 3 different small blocks into a display…This young man will continue to be an inspiration for years to come, and the world is a better place for having known him. Thank you for sharing Karsten.”

On the small block of wood to be left as a memorial she wrote: “For Karsten, KT, loved by many + missed by all, who died far too soon on 8-14-18.” The block was signed on 10-9-18.

Such a beautiful gesture and such meaningful words. The tribute from Brenda and the exhibit of Burning Man.

Our life was forever changed on August 14, 2018 when, in the words of Joan Didion, life changed in the instant. The ordinary instant. On that day, the force of your life swept into a different presence in our life. The daily routine replaced by the purpose for doing. The planful approach replaced by reflecting. The need for answers replaced by questioning.

KT: We love you and cherish everything you meant to us and others. We will keep you in our life.


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