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Day 52: Return posted early

Updated: Oct 5, 2018


The day began with us returning to Portland. Up the Willamette Valley filled with fields of Hazelberts and grass seed. Normally, quite beautiful but with so many trips up and down the valley so flat, the views become accepted. Simply a transference of time not to be appreciated but it should be. This is what happens with repetition. Appreciation deprecated. We should be more careful and allow this less.

The day began with us walking along the Riverfront Park in Portland. Returning your books, your fabric samples, your materials designed to allow you to design. Accessories for sports. Shoes. Jerseys. Hats. All the things that help define the sport and the athlete. We were returning them to 38 Davis, the place of your home and program. Where you lived and studied last year. Class of 2019. Sports Product Management, the program that defined you. On your way.

Your classmates are returning, which is why we were there. Returning to celebrate their internships. Places of work experience far flung across the country and globe. Far flung in sports. The compare-contrast in these environs is an important lesson in life. How an industry executes itself, with all the things of sports and athletes coming together in events of time, speed, points, power. Win the day as Chip liked to say. Losing but with character. Hopefully. It’s just a game. An event. It shouldn’t define you. Only allow you to be in the game.

The internship sharing event was missing one person. The class of 2019 was without you. And we grieve for that. Your family and classmates sit assembled and notice that one chair’s empty. You haven’t returned. You won’t be able to tell about the fantastic internship with Richardson Sports. With Sam. Your experience with photo shoots of athletes and the signature headgear of the company. Supply chains with distribution in and out. And of course, softball. So, we must turn to you in keeping you part of our life.

But I’m ahead of myself. We’re still in the hotel room and haven’t left yet. Not walked the Riverfront Park to 38 Davis. Not returned your books. Not been to the Class of 2019 returning in the second week of the quarter, presenting on their internships. I’m only imagining this. So maybe I can imagine your life rather than return to your death. Experience it in reverse. Not play anticipation but relive what you were all about. Return to your presence. As a child in the family. A friend when an adult.

It’s still early and dark outside. Morning turning to day. We don’t return to the event until 8. I’ll let you know how the day goes as we do return to this event. Eventually.

We love you buddy. Just can't stop thinking about you.


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