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Day 51: Eito's words

KT Man,

As you know, I’m prone to view life through others. It’s more interesting than the command position of my own point of view. I already know what I think, so why not venture out and discover what others think? Their view. A perspective and slice of life in contrast. Complement and embellish. Learn through their words and remembrances.

“I am Eito and I am one of Karsten’s classmates in the SPM program. I just wanted to email you two to offer my condolences and a memory I have with him. I also had the opportunity to go to his celebration of life and I want to say how beautiful it was and how interesting it was to listen to his childhood, the Karsten we didn’t have the opportunity to see while in school.

Karsten was always a Duck and he made sure everyone knew with his cool tattoo on his left arm. I remember during the Patriots vs Titans game last year in the playoffs, a couple other friends from the program and I decided to go to the Independent, a sports bar in Portland, to watch the game. Dan, Jeff, Karsten and their respective girlfriends were already there watching the game and enjoying a meal, so we decided to join their table. The Titans with our favorite QB, Marcus Mariota weren’t doing well and ended up losing the game. Karsten and the others had finished their meal so they were about to leave half way through the game, but being a Duck myself for my undergraduate degree, he walked past me and told me regardless of what happens in this game, Marcus is the greatest Oregon QB and Go Ducks. Even though he wasn’t a Duck for his undergraduate, he will forever be a Duck and we will never forget that and I will always cherish this memory whenever I see Marcus play.

I also wanted to attach a link and screenshot of Puma’s career website. I just thought it was nice that our program recognized us and thought of us as potential “Future Champions” and Karsten was definitely one of them with his passion for football, golf, and for being the amazing person he is with his skillsets in different areas that would have benefitted any business.

Thank you so much for raising a man that we will always remember for his humbleness, passion, and care for others. Even though I only knew him for a short time, I always and will continue to admire him for being the man he was, how caring he was of others, always smiling, making sure he greeted everyone every day. The SPM program will miss him very much. Sincerely and Go Ducks!” Eito, Sports Product Management Program Class of 2019.

The words of your classmates reflect a person we are proud to call our son but now grieve as not with us anymore. So, it’s through them that we hold you. And learn how to complement what we knew but now know more. Your ability to bring others into the game. Your belief in a person and a team held steady even with a game failed.

JT Man

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