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Day 15: Stride and cadence

Dogg Man,

Given you always were unable to distinguish between sports and life, I thought it timely to go a bit further. For me, stride and cadence were about running and cycling. For you, stride and cadence were about football and power lifting.

Stride comes in the broad middle, the wide under-belly after the start and before the end. No one begins with stride. It just develops (sometimes). To hit stride is all about getting free. Stride takes practice, rehearsal, practice. It is time spent performing and is all about motion. But it’s illusive. It slides in and eventually slides away. But when it’s there. Wow. Look out.

Cadence is pace. Sustainable. Smooth. Rhythmic. Cadence can’t really be established until stride takes hold. My cadence was measured in footsteps and rpms. Your cadence was measured in the sequence of plays or addition of weights. Cadence is the comfort of continuance. It lasts and lasts and eventually dissipates but not until satisfaction is present, distance achieved (me) or outcomes attained (you).

In the Sport Product Management Program and at Richardson Sports, you had both stride and cadence. Your stride was established near the beginning of the program with some initial small uncertain stutter steps that quickly broadened out over time. We visited you and saw you practice, rehearse, practice. With your internship, this stride broadened even more. You barely touched the ground, much like middle distance runners. Your cadence was just beginning to show in spring and summer. The rhythm of sequence, events, outcomes, interludes, and cycles that were taking shape. Your cadence was emerging in the understanding of the industry as it plays out with people and products, sports and life.

The tragedy of your death is your stride and cadence were cut short. But at least you experienced them briefly. Some people never do. The other side of this tragedy is that our stride and cadence has been cut short but we hope to experience them again. You will be there with us, step by step and eventually with a cadence that has the rhythm of your life in us.

Dad Man

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